Yet, because of His great love for each of us, He is willing to ask someone like me, worthless in so many ways, to speak for Him.

This Bride Ain't    No Virgin

Scripture of the Week

I was called.  Everyone is called. Once you become a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, He will most certainly call you.

​​And Three”, she said with a commanding voice that drew in everyone’s attention, “I most likely will irritate you upon two matters.  I tolerate much more than you currently do when considering the population of the lost, and I do not tolerate as much as you currently are tolerating when considering the population of the saved.”  And then instantly the panel of pushy-floating judges swept the leading lady away.

However, when a branch is secured in that position for too long, the branch grows in a most peculiar way. When it increases in length, but cannot move beyond the string or other means that has supported it, a loop of stem begins to form and grow behind the string that offered it temporary security.  As this loop increases in size, the stem becomes deformed.  It seems to be in constant struggle with both the source that binds it and the source that feeds it; twisting and turning and pulling against its own growth.


is more important

than a







​​Well, the "obedience" part is pretty much just your average believer's willingness to obey the Lord.

For me that would mean...

  • to quiet my soul
  • to listen to Him instead of my schedule
  • to praise Him in spite of my circumstances
  • to look at people through His eyes instead of mine
  • to slow down
  • to remember that this is a on-going battle and that satan is going to purposefully take me on every single day
  • to remember that my strength is in the Lord alone
  • to think once and pray twice before speaking or writing
  • to see myself the way He sees me

  • to remember that obedience is not partial...or hesitant.

Which brings me to the "uncut" part of the title.  My greatest fear in "going public" as a writer or speaker is that my own self image would, in some way,  manipulate the truth of what God was saying through me.  I have no doubt that He would not melt at a public attack...or even a friendly suggestion.  However, I do not have the same confidence regarding me.  The joined prefix of "uncut" was my husband's idea. It is a constant reminder that my life, no matter how embarrassing or regrettable, is at the Lord's disposal.  I have promised Him that He can use me in whatever way He deems best.  


  • I will leave the message uncut
  • I will not mess with the word-choice
  • I will not tone down what He whispers
  • Nor, will I enlarge it
  • I will not allow an editor to cut it for the sake of pleasantry, or popularity
  • nor will I worry or weaken at it's harshness
  • I will be courageous

​I hope that what I present to you is not in rough draft, elementary, or erroneous format.  However, the message will remain uncut.  What you read is purposefully what the Lord gave to  me.  My hope is that I do not get in the way of my own calling...of what the Lord is wanting to say to you.

I am a woman of faith.  I do not believe in coincidence.  If you are reading something here today that pulls at your heart, you better believe that God is in it.  So please send some time with the Lord regarding it before moving on.


And my heart sank...because I knew.  Just like a child who is so busy with some level of a game. so busy trying desperately to win...that they miss the bigger picture and an enemy sneaks up on them to destroy them...I had my attention on a hundred things that were being hurled at me...and not on the bigger picture of the Lord;s goal for me.  Oh, I did not forsake Him...and, of course, He is always there.  But, I had inadvertently moved Him to the background so that I could focus on the things that seemed to be most important for that day's...that "level;s" survival.​

What can you expect?  Straight talk, laughable humor, real truth, simple living, and passionate yearning...

all regarding the God that still involves Himself in the details of the lives of His people


​​​A calling to write what He leads, no matter how uncomfortable...

Because simple daily Christian living is never what we thought it would be


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There are any number of things you could be doing right now.  So, why are you here?  I believe God directs and nudges us to encounter Him.  Most likely, that is why you are here.


  Absolutely Welcome

​​​I know, better than anyone, the past mistakes and failures hiding under all that satin and sparkle.  Like a high definition video recording, the worst mistakes I have ever made, arrange themselves in ranking order and then play themselves over and over in my mind’s eye; especially when I am trying to walk down some new aisle of my life.   If I am the bride in the title, then I know this woman is no virgin; she is soiled and scarred from a life of bad decisions and regretful neglects. 

The Challenge of a Preacher, the Weakness of a Church

I laugh now. Actually laugh out loud at His patience and my attempt at rebellion.

Lovin' Him

 like a Rascal

"But if you or your sons shall indeed turn away from following Me, and shall not keep My commandments

and My statues which I have set before you and shall go and serve other gods and worship them,​

then I will cut off" ...(all that I promised).

                                                                                                           I Kings 9: 6-9


  My Dishes

    Said      Nothing!

         Morning - Meditation - and Memorization

 Do something for you...that will matter to others... spend time in scripture





Maybe it is this heavy fog of judgment that causes the seeker not to be able to see Christ in the church.  Maybe all the inside doors of the church should be made of mirrors so that the last thing we see as we are opening the door to a visitor, is a perfectly clear image of ourselves.  Judgment has no place in tolerance.  One we are told to do, one we are commanded to not do.  If the church could at least overcome this weakness, maybe the “welcome” would really seem welcoming and visitors would want to return.

​ She is so thoughtful, so considerate, so...very polite.  She asks to go outside instead of dirtying-up the litter boxes and she always waits for the others to finish before she cleans up the last of the milk on the kitchen floor. Calico likes her back rubbed and will sit on your lap.  But, she always keeps her disposition…not one of those floppsy-moppsy lay-all-over-the-place type cats with their feet up in the air…like Nike.  Calico is a girly-girl.  She is a strong female; a dutiful pet who knows her place.  Her love comes mostly through thoughtful, respectful compliance. She is a pleasant pet.

SO... WHY THE TITLE                                                             UNCUTOBEDIENCE ?​​

The Convincing