What can you expect?  Straight talk, laughable humor, real truth, simple living, and passionate yearning...

all regarding the God that still involves Himself in the details of the lives of His people


​​​A calling to write what He leads, no matter how uncomfortable...

Because simple daily Christian living is never what we thought it would be

What can I possibly tell you about "me" that you haven't already discovered in my writings? How about these?

  • am 56

  • have been married for 31 years

  • have 7 amazing children...truly amazing

  • have 1 brother, 2 sisters and 2 cousin-like-sisters

  • earned a couple of college degrees

  • love to cook and bake from scratch

  • believe that family fun really comes from working together

  • spends 4 hours a day in the garden during the growing season

  • enjoys all of my family being in the kitchen cooking with me

  • was a HS teacher for more than 15 years

  • wishes I could quit wishing that I were 50 lbs lighter
  • hates to read but loves the information

  • likes pizza almost as much as my son does

  • believes that communities are missing out by not making our front porches larger

  • grew up with red hair and silver-capped front teeth before it was vogue

  • feels that almost nothing compares to my husband's coffee at home in the morning

  • loves beautiful flowers and keeps enlarging my flower beds...to the dismay of my other "weed-pullers"

  • loves to sew and am thankful for that heritage from my mother

  • believes that children and students will rise to your expectations...so set the standards high

  • believes in inter-generational activities, learning, and living

  • wants more than anything for Christ to work through me as a tool of His will..."that all shall be saved and none shall be lost"

  • knows that no one has sinned more than I...and that I am completely forgiven

  • still believes in the reality of fantasy
  • am blessed beyond measure with a musical family that all sing and play instruments...of which I don't, but am the most blessed because I admire it the most
  • have learned to make my own espresso and cappuccino...which is more of a temptation than blessing
  • am constantly overwhelmed with the pride of blessing I feel as a parent...can't even imagine how the Father must feel...and well, yes there is that too...the pain of it.
  • Just found out that I am going to become a grandma...so you can now call me Grammy 

Christmas Tradition of Girl's Night - this year was The Nutcracker Ballet

​A Momma's pride...nothing takes a better picture!

If "a picture is worth a thousand words", then this picture is worth at least 7000